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Greenbrier Mountain Homes - Greenbrier Builders and Developers, LLC of Gatlinburg, TN
The Building Process
Home building in the Smokies is picking up and gaining momentum - realize that there is a waiting list when building with Greenbrier Builders and Developers, LLC.  The good news is that when you pay for Russell - you get Russell...and his highly skilled, talented crew.  You'll also have the benefit of carefully selected craftsmen and product resources available from local area top-quality vendors and specialists he has formed solid long-term working relationships with.  We think this is well worth the wait!  How long will your wait be?  That question depends on a number of factors - however, Russell strives to keep it as close to your desired time line as possible.
Determine your budget/range – Cash buyer?  If you need a construction loan, then you'll first want to pre-qualify.  This is essential in determining how much home you can afford to build.
Why not pre-qualify today with your chosen bank - everything goes smoother when you know your construction budget upfront.  If you do not have a local bank that you are working with - Here is an excellent construction loan and mortgage bank in the Greater Knoxville area that we recommend:
Construction Loan & Mortgage Bank  
First State Bank - Knoxville TN
Contact: Rex Rauhuff / Regional President 865-470-4470
Additional Items in the Building Process...
Have an idea of what you’d like to build (we can assist you with floor plans & modifications)
Plans and modifications need to be finalized in the beginning - this is not only cost effective, it also keeps us all on the same page.  While changes are possible during construction, they are always more costly to incorporate than if they were changed on original plans.  
Secure Your Building Lot – We will visit the lot at your request for preliminary consultation.  If you have not yet found a building lot we will be happy to point you in a direction that meets your wish list and requirements. TN Building Resources
Finalize Building Plans As Required
Apply for your Construction Loan 
Permits Applied For 
Ground Prep Begins 
Foundation or Raised Basement Building Begins 
Construction in phases + Progress Photographs Sent Via Email
Photos May Be Posted Online for Your Convenience - (this is optional) 
Home Construction is Completed Walk Through & Final Inspection Prior to Loan Closing 
Close Your Loan at the Bank – Finalize Your Loan Take Possession/Keys to Your Custom Greenbriar Luxury Mountain Home in the Smokies! 
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